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Decision Support System Almende Ruritage network

Almende participated as Technical Partner in the Ruritage project creating the Decision Support System.

“Almende” is an old Dutch word that can be translated in English as ‘commons’, which is a term used in pre-industrial times to designate those parts of the environment for which customary law exacted specific forms of community respect. People called commons that part of the environment which lay beyond their own thresholds and outside of their own possessions, to which, however, they had recognized claims of usage, not to produce commodities but to provide for the substinence of their households.

Discover the Decision Support System of RURITAGE

Almende developed the Ruritage Decision Support System (DSS), one of the tools of the Ruritage Ecosystem platform. The RURITAGE DSS is a system for supporting the discovery and composition of possible heritage-led regeneration scenarios, which considers previous initiatives and provides suggestions for combining good practices and Lessons Learnt from various Role Models, allowing the choice of comprehensive programmes to be implemented at replicating sites.

Use the DSS and join the RURITAGE Network

People can find and use the DSS through the Ruritage Ecosystem website or going directly through the following link:

You can navigate “taking the Wizard” or just “exploring the data”

The Wizard Page

The Wizard page simplify the search of information by guiding you through predefined questions and aiming. In the end it provides a report with relevant information and tips that might help you get better ideas of best practices to be implemented on your projects.

The Explore the data page

Freely explore all data contained in the DSS. The data includes the contents of Role Models and Lessons Learnt. Mechanisms of filtering and sorting data are available to help you refine your searches.