Our Strategy


Our current network strategy was launched in 2023:

The RURITAGE network aims to continue promote a multidisciplinary approach to analysing and finding solutions to face rural challenges, and identifying and promote heritage values through bottom-up approach. This approach includes social and human considerations together with those of a biophysical nature. The strategy sets out our current research priorities, and indicates how we hope to cooperate with others to put them into practice.

Simona Tondelli, chairwoman
Alma mater studiorum – University of Bologna

We have identified four priorities for us as a network:

  • to make all tools and methodologies available to those who can take advantage of and benefit from them, including their maintenance and promotion to foster uptake.
  • to share the notable success stories and results including those achieved through the implementation of Regeneration and Enhancement Plans in Replicators and Role Models that can serve as key case studies.
  • to continue to exchange experiences, expertise, knowledge and know-how for the purposes of rural regeneration and enhancement through cultural and natural heritage.
  • to continue to disseminate the RURITAGE approach beyond the originally involved territories to maximise its exploitation potential and uptake of tools from a global perspective.”