Agro-food production in Apulia, synergy between ideas and technology

Agro-food production in Apulia ruritage network DARe Foggia Vazapp

Agro-food production, the Apulian experience

The rural area of Apulia, in the south of Italy, has successfully accomplished to combine local natural and cultural heritage with innovation and technology.

The growth of local agro-food production systems has increased, thanks to policies aimed at innovative development and investment incentives. These policies concerned product standards, defining the quality of sustainable agri-food production. This has made the territory very attractive for various international industrial groups and has accelerated the process of tourist attraction. Even in the Apulian hinterland.
To satisfy visitor requests and make food experiences more accessible, food clusters have been created. The new prospects of the region have also guaranteed an increase in job opportunities, thus allowing an economic regeneration and a flourishing of new growth opportunities.

Agro-food production, the Apulian hubs

In Apulia, sustainable agro-food production is based on the work of two hubs. The first is located in the headquarters of the Regional Agri-food District (D.A.Re.) in Foggia. At D.A.Re., a food management and governance company, collaborations take place between researchers, small businesses and stakeholders in the agri-food sector. The other hub, known as Vazapp‘, is a consolidated reality for networking among young people in the agricultural sector.

Discover the Apulian food technology district (Distretto tecnologico alimentare pugliese, D.A.Re.)

The Apulian Food Technology District develops its proposal in three specific guidelines.
The first is research and development, with which the D.A.Re. designs and develops industrial research projects and pre-competitive development. With technology transfer, the second pillar, D.A.Re. disseminates the results of research and innovation to the business system. Lastly, partnerships create the conditions for participation in Eu, national and regional tenders, offering experience and additional resources.

Discover Vazapp’

Vazapp’ is made up of a community of young farmers, professionals, researchers, communicators and creatives. The aim is to relaunch the agricultural sector through a process of social innovation, fostering relationships in agriculture for the development of ideas and entrepreneurial activities. The goal is to create opportunities for meeting people who love their land and who want to stay to make it grow. Among the proposed activities, those concerning innovative tools, defined as formats, are interesting. Among the others we can find “ContaDinner”, which are traveling dinners for farmers and young people who want to get closer to the agricultural world. Or “MeloDay”, created to celebrate and not forget traditions.

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