ICLEI Europe, the importance of the Policy Recommendations

ICLEI Europe in RURITAGE policy recommendations

RURITAGE developed a set of Policy Recommendations, primarily addressed to regional public authorities who are developing, implementing and/or monitoring and evaluating RIS3, as well as public authorities managing rural areas, communities, towns or small cities which are interested in developing, engaging in and/or implementing RIS3.

The role of ICLEI Europe in RURITAGE

ICLEI Europe led the project’s communication and dissemination efforts, developing policy recommendations for the promotion of Cultural and Natural Heritage (CNH) as a driver for sustainable development.

Furthermore, ICLEI Europe (website) facilitated workshops and webinars for capacity building and knowledge sharing in Role Model and Replicator sites and beyond. The technical partner also assisted with building the Ruritage Replication Toolbox for others interested in the project methodology.

ICLEI Europe’s primary product were the set of policy recommendations.

How can people outside the network use the tools

Policymakers in cultural and other fields can learn more about the interconnections between CNH and sustainable development through our policy brief. We hope it is used as a resource for action and advocacy.

Discover ICLEI

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability was founded in 1990 as the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. It’s the world’s leading network of local and regional governments committed to sustainable development.

Being part of the global network ensures that through joint action, peer learning, and strong partnerships between civil society, business leaders and all levels of government we can accelerate local sustainable development and make real change on the ground.

Since 1992 the ICLEI European Secretariat has been closely working with

  • ICLEI network cities in Europe
  • the Middle East and West Asia
  • other European networks
  • the European Commission
  • the Committee of the Regions
  • and many others

The ICLEI European Secretariat works with its over 140 in-house sustainability and communications professionals from its offices in Freiburg (DE), Berlin (DE) and Brussels (BE).