Coffee production and heritage, the Colombian experience

Colombian coffee production heritage

RURITAGE for coffee production and heritage in Colombia

The action was put in place by RURITAGE in the land of Colombian Municipalities of Salento and Palestina. The goal was to promote sense of belonging towards Colombian Cultural Coffee Landscape (PCC) through biodiversity dissemination.

Colombian Cultural Coffee Landscape

The PCC is a unique cultural landscape in which natural, economic and cultural features merge. An example of a sustainable and productive cultural landscape, unique and representative of a tradition of coffee production. In this astonishing place, human, family and generational efforts come together with the support of the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation (FNC). Through an extensive network of cooperatives FNC guarantees producers the permanent purchase of their coffee at the best base market price. Calculated transparently, paid in cash, in places close to their farms and throughout the entire year.

The RURITAGE action in the land of Salento and Palestina

The greatest achievement of the action was the creation of delta teams who will continue with local productive projects, based on the protection of cultural, environmental and landscape heritage in their territories.

Download the Colombian coffee production fact sheet to discover more about the action.

A series of inputs, instructions and recommendations for the implementation of Local Economic Development Plans were defined. The list is based on the valorization and promotion of the local natural and cultural heritage, as engines of economic prosperity and local well-being.

A Communication plan was prepared. RURITAGE then disseminates the process for the certification of the PCC as world heritage among the actors involved in the project.

In the end RURITAGE performed the first meeting of women producing special coffees of the PCC. The meeting offered a way of participation space for key actors in the process.

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Pictures from the FederaciĆ³n Colombiana de Municipios Palestina and Salento.