The Pilgrim road and the local food of Ørland and Austrått

Ørland and Austrått landscape pilgrim road

An article about Ørland and Austrått projects on the Kart og Plan journal

Annegreth Dietze-Schirdewahn, Daniel Johansen and Lei Gao co-authored an article for the Norwegian journal Kart og Plan (article accepted in June 2023, under publishing).

Entitled ‘Herregårdslandskapet som ble en samfunnsgevinst — Austråttlandskapets rolle i kunnskapsutvikling, kulturarvbevaring og local samfunnsutvikling’, the article reviews and reflects on the long-term process of research and development projects and activities on Ørland and Austrått landscape, where RURITAGE is an important part of this process.

A lecture in Slovakia about the Austrått case

Annegreth Dietze-Schirdewahn and Daniel Johansen were invited by the Directorate of Cultural Heritage in Norway to inform staff from the Directorate and a delegation of partner organization in Slovakia to inform about the case Austrått and its development from a site for student activities to a role model in an EU-innovation project Ruritage. The group went to Austrått and other relevant cases between 10th and 12th May. There were lectures, site visits and workshops/discussions. There is expected that the Norwegian colleagues travel to Slovakia/Bratislava in autumn for a visit there. Topic Cultural heritage and rural development. Pictures from the Norwegian visit now attached [see separate attachments in the email]. Of large interest are all kind of participatory approaches.

The Fruit Action and the Pilgrimage Route Action in Ørland and Austrått

Austråttlandskapet (The Austrått Landscape) was launched as a common brand for all tourist operators and producers of local food in the area. The brand has a focus on high-quality food products and experiences. After the study trip in Finland (staff exchange visit: RM11 visit St. Olav Ways. 20-24 June 2022), two self-service local food outlets, inspired by similar offerings in Finland, have opened in the Austrått area, in addition to several local food producers and farm tourism players. The fruit and local food operators, accommodation offerors, bird observations, visits to Austrått manor house and Austrått fortress will now be developed together with the pilgrimage route to a comprehensive experience package in the Austrått landscape by Ørland Cultural Centre.

The pilgrimage route in Ørland is part of St. Olav Ways, which gives a common ground for collaborating with the Additional Replicator ‘St. Olav Ways’. In 2020 signs and posts were established in Ørland and organised activities raised local people’s awareness of this ‘forgotten’ route. In summer 2022, local stakeholders are visiting the RURITAGE partner in Finland to exchange knowledge and reinforce collaboration for future. Landscapes are better experienced through food and foot.

Both the Fruit Action and the Pilgrimage Route Action are still ongoing. Both actions have had a positive impact on the local development.

All photos were taken by Annegreth Dietze-Schirdewahn