Piam Onlus, the activities during the RURITAGE network

We met Augusto Grinzi of Piam Onlus (Migrant Reception Integration Project), to find out how the project has evolved in recent months.

What has happened since last time we spoke?

Activities continued regularly, both within the reception facilities in rural areas and the management of related local development services.

What actions that you implemented during the project are still ongoing in any way?

All of them: the trattoria of Villa Quaglina, the Lago Stella park and the 8 Basso Monferrato tourist routes.

What action has had the largest impact?

The Trattoria in Villa Quaglina has regular activities, engaging migrant personnel and creating an economic turnover. Some cultural events open to all citizens have been held here, with good attendance.

Piam Onlus

PIAM (Project for the Integration and Welcoming of Immigrants) is a secular association based in Asti, composed of Italian and immigrant social operators. Since 2000, its activities have focused on the social integration of women victims of trafficking and on immigration issues. Since 2011, Piam has also managed accommodation and integration projects for asylum seekers and refugees (former SPRAR Programme), in order to promote the most important factors that fosters ingration: the right to citizenship, housing, health, education, parenthood, sociality and indipendence. Last but not least, the right to dream of a better life.

Discover the activities through the photogallery

Below you can find a few pictures of different activities that have been done in the recent past, plus a very special guest.